Lance Sergeant Thomas E Alder, GC

Lance Sergeant Thomas Alder, GCOn 14th November 1930, Lance Sergeant Alder, in charge of a group of three soldiers of the Regiment, was employed on anti-piracy duties on board the SS Wuhu on the Yangste Kiang River.

Whilst proceding up river, the ship was fired on by communists with guns and rifles on four occasions.   Fire was returned, and a number of casualties were observed. 

At 4.30 p.m. on 16th November, L/Sgt. Alder left the Wuhu in order to proceed to the assistance of the SS Kiatung which had run ashore and was being attacked by communists in sampans.   The party had to proceed to the aid of this vessel 2 ½ miles up river in an open sampan under constant rifle fire from both banks.  

After reaching the Kiatung and embarking, L/Sgt. Alder and his men were under fire from rifle and gun fire constantly from both sides of the river until the 17th November when another vessel arrived to their assistance.   Eventually, the Kiatung was towed off the sandbank and during the return journey the vessel was fired upon on a number of occasions.