Second Lieutenant Ernest F Beal, VC

Second Lieutenant Ernest F Beal, VCFor most conspicuous bravery and determined leading at St. Leger on the 21st and 22nd March 1918, when in command of a company detailed to occupy a certain section of a trench.

When the company was established it was found that a considerable gap of about four hundred yards existed between the left flank of the company and the neighbouring unit, and that this gap was strongly held by the enemy. It was of vital importance that this gap should be cleared, but no troops were then available.  

Organising a small party of less than a dozen men, he led them against the enemy.   On reaching an enemy machine gun Second Lieut. Beal immediately sprang forward and with his revolver killed the team and captured the gun.   Continuing along the trench, he encountered and dealt with another machine gun in the same manner, and in all captured four enemy guns and inflicted severe casualties.

Later in the evening, when a wounded man had been left in the open under heavy enemy fire, he, regardless of danger, walked up close to an enemy machine gun and brought in the wounded man on his back.

Second Lieut. Beal was killed by a shell on the following morning.