Corporal William Clamp, VC

Corporal William Clamp, VCFor most conspicuous bravery near Poelcapelle on the 6th October 1917.

An advance was being checked by intense machine-gun fire from concrete blockhouses and by snipers in ruined buildings. Corporal Clamp dashed forward with two men and attempted to rush the largest blockhouse.

His first attempt failed owing to the two men with him being knocked out, but he at once collected some bombs and, calling upon two men to follow him, again dashed forward. He was first to reach the blockhouse and hurled in the bombs, killing many of the occupants. He then entered and brought out a machine gun and about twenty prisoners, whom he brought back under heavy fire from neighbouring snipers.

This non-commissioned officer then again went forward, encouraging and cheering the men and succeeded in rushing several snipers' posts. He continued to show the greatest heroism until he was killed by a sniper. His magnificent courage and self-sacrifice were of the greatest value and relieved what was undoubtedly a very critical situation.