Private Henry Tandey, VC DCM MM

Private Henry Tandey, VC DCM MMFor most conspicuous bravery and initiative during the capture of a village and the crossings at Marcoing and the subsequent counterattack on the 28th September 1918.

His platoon was held up by machine-gun fire.He at once crawled forward, located the machine gun with a Lewis gun team and knocked it out.

On arrival at the crossings he restored the plank bridge under a hail of bullets, thus enabling the first crossing to be made at this vital spot.

Later in the evening, during an attack, he, with eight comrades was surrounded by an overwhelming number of Germans and, though the position was apparently hopeless, he led a bayonet charge through them, fighting so fiercely that thirty seven of the enemy were driven into the hands of the remainder of his company. Although twice wounded, he refused to leave until the fight was won.