Soap-balls, candles and tinder-boxes: Life in Georgian Richmond

    • What was it like to live in Richmond during Georgian times?
    • What did people do for fun before TV or video games?

This exciting, practical and interactive session takes place at Richmond’s Georgian Theatre Royal and will allow your students to answer these questions and many more by handling objects relating to society and culture in Georgian Richmond.
During the session, students will use their historical enquiry skills to learn about the past, try on some Georgian costumes and will even get to follow in the footsteps of Samuel Butler by standing on stage at the theatre.

This session is designed for Key Stage 1 and 2 children.

All of our sessions will be delivered by a member of our specialist Education Team.

Durationapprox 2 hours

Price: £60 +VAT

(This is the price for half a day.  You could also fit in our Victorians workshop at the Station as well – all part of your half day in Richmond.)

Session Aims...


    • To inspire students to engage with an important building and period in their locality’s history and consolidate their knowledge of the Georgian Period.

Learning Objectives:

    • All pupils will increase their knowledge and understanding of the Georgian period, particularly in relation to society and culture: work and leisure; theatre and art.
    • All pupils will begin to develop their historical enquiry skills by analysing historical artefacts.
    • Most students will be able to explain what it might have felt like to be alive in Richmond during the Georgian Period.

KS 1 and 2 Curriculum links (based on current National Curriculum until Sept 2014):

    • Chronological understanding
    • Knowledge and understanding of events, people and changes in the past.
    • Historical enquiry/using evidence
    • Organisation and communication
    • Speaking and Listening: Drama
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